Grand Theft Auto V’s not without its fair share of mods by this stage, but there aren’t all that many that genuinely make it visually better. Sure, there’s the usual glut of filters and shader tweaks to alter how it looks, but nothing that truly elevates it to a new a level like we saw achieved with GTA IV. That is, until now, with The Pinnacle of V - World Enhancement Project.

Just about everything in GTA 5 is being given a tweak here, from the visuals and textures right down to the vehicle handling, realistic population levels, destructibility of the environments and more. There’s no doubting it’s an impressive package, but from the beta video it looks like it comes with a matching performance hit.

The list of changes is exhaustive. It includes photo realistic rain and puddles. Totally overhauled weather and wind effects. Global smoke effects. Better lighting. Greatly improved reflections. 4K textures across the board. Realistic vehicle deformation. A surge in population during the day time and rush hour.

To say it looks nice would be a bit of an understatement. The rain and water effects early on in the video are looking fantastic, while everything’s been given a more realistic sheen. There’ll be some who don’t like this realistic approach, but it’s definitely a step up in recreating an actual city.

It’s still in the beta stages so there’s a ways to go here, but what’s already on offer is a step above the base. The only problem is it’s surely going to be an absolute beast to run. The beta’s available to download now so we’ll be sure to give it a test run on the GeForce GTX 980 Ti and see how it handles the visual upgrade.

If you want to download The Pinnacle of GTA V then you can find the current 1.8.1 download over here. Remember, as if with pretty much any GTA 5 mod, going online with it installed will probably get you hit with a ban.