Winter has cometh. Rain is battering down. I hear the occasional shriek of a cat flying past the window in a brisk wind. Men from Leeds are forced to row to the local pub for a pint. It’s definitely grim out there. All the more reason to batten down the hatches and bathe in the warm glow of a monitor. It’s gaming time.

The last month has been packed with blockbuster releases. Indie games have scarpered in the face of a AAA tidal wave. We’ve had Fallout 4, Just Cause 3, Assassin's Creed Syndicate, Rainbow Six Siege, Star Wars Battlefront, Call of Duty: Black Ops III, and StarCraft II: Legacy of the Void, to name just a few. In fact, there was almost definitely enough games out this month to last you an entire year. Right, best get busy then, so what are we all playing this weekend?

Jon: It’s more Rainbow Six Siege while I finalise our review. I’ll be donning my body armour, packing my heart beat scanner, and thermite blasting fools in the face. Ubisoft’s worked wonders here, and I can’t wait to get stuck in for a full weekend of intense action. It’s the sort of game where the hours just melt away.

When I’m after a slightly more sedate change of pace I’ll also be booting up, fingers crossed if the postman arrives, Xenoblade Chronicles X. I haven’t played a proper JRPG in ages, and this just looks like an absolute epic that I can’t wait to get lost in. The Wii U might not have the most packed line-up, but it’s most definitely got the quality, and I’m hoping that rings true again here.

Felix: I'll probably be doing what Jon's doing and heading in for a few sessions of Rainbow Six Siege. I want to see how the beast MSI GTX 980 Ti can handle the chaos of Ubisoft's online shooter at DSR 4K resolution. If it can hit a stable frame rate then it's going to be some glorious breach and clear action. 

Divayth: I'm 30-something hours into Fallout 4 but I'm still just scratching the surface of this game, having completely ignored the main quest. Instead I've been scouring the Boston wasteland looking for precious junk containing adhesive. The other day my colleagues had a good laugh at me as I was visibly excited to have found a roll of duct tape laying around the workplace. (Pip: you get excited easily. I know this)

Pip: Remember the last time I had an opportunity to write in this? I said I would be giving Fallout 4 another try because even though I hated it. Becase it was so expensive, I had to force myself to see it through. Well, since then I have been playing over and over, passing 100 hours played. Don’t misinterpret me - the game is quite buggy but at the same time it’s extremely immersive and just sucks you in if you give it a chance.

Well, no surprise if I say I will be playing Fallout 4 again this weekend. I saw reviews and gameplay videos of Just Cause 3 and it turned out to be just what I expected - too much freedom, no story, no progression, and not really an open-world but more of a shoot’em all game.

Now then it's over to you. What gaming are you going to be tackling this wet and windy weekend?