Rainbow Six Siege, as you may be aware, runs on the exact same AnvilNext engine powering Assassin’s Creed Syndicate. You wouldn’t think to look at it. They’re two vastly different gaming experiences, with two very different looks. It’s meant that all that performance normally targeted at rendering vast open-worlds is now being focused on one localised spot, where two teams of five special forces teams battle to he death.

Ubisoft didn’t choose to convert that into totally stunning locales however, but in delivering impressive levels of destructibility to the environments. Practically everything can be bent, buckled and destroyed, leading to unpredictable standoffs. Assassin’s Creed Syndicate was a bit of a bruiser when it came to hardware demands though, so let’s see how the MSI GeForce GTX 980 Ti Gaming 6G holds up in the face of 4K Rainbow Six Siege benchmarks. We’ve got a new comparison video comparing Ultra vs Low on the GPU, along with frame rates achieved at varying resolutions.

This Rainbow Six: Siege PC Performance Low vs Ultra graphics benchmarks are delivered on a native 2560x1440 screen resolution, performed using an Intel i7 5820K, Nvidia MSI GTX 980 ti Gaming 6G, 16 GB RAM PC.

In general we can see that the 980 Ti handles Rainbow Six Siege extremely well, even when hitting 4K resolution. Aside from resolution, the biggest impact on performance is undoubtedly the AA options, with TXAA 4X effectively halving the frame rate. This puts Rainbow Six Siege into unplayable territory, but it’s not really necessary to enable an antialiasing option like this when the 4K resolution is doing plenty of the AA work for you anyway.

At 3620x2036 (~4K) the frame rates achieved with the GTX 980 ti begin at 100 FPS for Low settings, all the way down to 24.8FPS when you increase graphics to Ultra+TXAA 4x. However, it holds and looks great with the default Ultra graphics setting and this performs at 50.4 FPS.

We decided to get cocky and move the test up to 5120 x 2880 screen resolution on the default Ultra graphics setting. This returned 27.4FPS and wasn't really very playable at this level, but it shows we’re not far off going above and beyond 4K gaming with the enthusiast GPUs.

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In terms of visuals vs performance, R6 Siege runs well and looks fairly good, even on Low. There are plenty of options including, Temporal Filtering, that will help save some valuable FPS, if you need it.

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