Ah, the dreaded backlog. The bane of many gamers’ existence. A towering pile of shame waiting to be conquered, growing unimpeded each every Steam sale with no sign of slowing. As the years roll by I had to come to terms that I will never finish my backlog. There’s more games than I can ever hope to play coming out each and every year, so it becomes a process of cherry-picking the best ones which are most worth my time.

The simplest way to deal with your gaming backlog is to just not call it a backlog of course. Rather, think of it as a vast library from which you can pick and choose any experience. Easier said than done of course, and everyone has piles of critically acclaimed games which they haven’t had the time to play.

I’ve taken to splitting my Steam library up in manageable chunks, comprising Completed, Shite, Multiplayer Only, Must Play & Will Never Get Around To. Completed is obvious. Shite is the terrible games I never want to touch again. Multiplayer Only are the games I can dip in and out of at will. Will Never Get Around To Is a new addition to my Steam Library though. These are the games which I just look inside and tell myself I’ll never get around to. They’re not necessarily bad, but they’re good enough when stacked up against the competition.

Last but not least is my Must Play section. This is my true backlog. It currently stands 13 games strong, and includes a number of massive games I have shamefacedly never finished or even played. The likes of Batman: Arkham Knight, Skyrim, Fallout: New Vegas, XCOM: Enemy Unknown, Max Payne 3, The Banner Saga and Borderlands 2, to name but a few. It’s all enough to keep me very, very busy during the holidays, I know that much.

That’s my gaming backlog at the tail end of 2015 then. What gaming nuggets have you still got lurking unplayed? How tall has your pile of shame become? Let us know!