Ubisoft has pushed out the first post-launch update for Rainbow Six: Siege and it’s a bit of beast. Along with packing in a laundry list of tweaks and improvements, PC gamers are also being treated to an optional downloadable 4K Ultra-HD Texture Pack.

This is a fundamental overhaul of Rainbow Six Siege’s visuals, replacing many of the most common textures with up-ressed versions, including weapon skins and characters. I know plenty of people weren’t too happy with the state of Rainbow Six Siege’s visuals, so it’s great to see some improvements made here.

Along with this there’s a lengthy list of bug fixes and improvements that show Ubisoft is most definitely listening to the community. One of the highlights for me is finally an auto-kick implementation for intentional team killers. They’ve been a real problem since launch and bizarrely there’s been nothing done to prevent it until now, which seems a major oversight. I’m not sure what the team killers get out of doing it, but hey ho.

Server tick rate has been improved on PC only, which impacts the rate at which the server updates you with player and bullet positions. This should help with the odd hit detection and occasionally being killed before you’ve even seen the enemy.

One of the other big changes is that Defenders now get flagged up to the Attackers in just 2 seconds rather than 5, to prevent Defenders rushing to the Attackers spawn location and laying waste to them.

Rainbow Six: Siege v1.1 Patch Notes

New Content & Features

Visual Update

  • DLC Ultra-HD Texture Pack now available for PC Players

Community Health

  • Implemented an auto-kick feature for intentional team killers

General Tweaks & Improvements

Hit Registration

  • Fixed bugs on replication and kill cam:
  • Pawn rotation latency
  • Shield positioning while rappelling
  • Shooting and moving while rappelling
  • Kill cam replication issues
  • Updated server tick rate for PC (intermittent & temporary)

Playlist Changes

  • PvP – Ranked playlist HUD has been synced with the Casual playlist
  • Renamed Minimal HUD to Hardcore HUD

Ranked Matchmaking Improvements

  • Increased reliability of end-game skill rank updates.
  • The penalty for abandoning a ranked game in progress has been temporarily reduced to 8 minutes.
  • Skill rank icon is now displayed on the game’s main screen, next to your level.

Other Matchmaking Improvements

  • PvP & PvE matchmaking bug fixes


  • PvP – Reduced time to detect Defenders outside from 5 seconds to 2 seconds.
  • PvE – Reduced the maximum number of White Masks and reduced wave sizes in Terrorist Hunt – Disarm Bomb.

Player Comfort

  • Increased the amount of characters available in the chatbox from 32 characters to 128 characters.
  • Glaz scope visibility enhanced.

Top Community Raised Bug Fixes

  • Gameplay fixes
  • Level Design fixes
  • Online Flow fixes
  • Visual fixes
  • UI fixes
  • Miscellaneous fixes

That’s just the tweaks coming, which doesn’t even take into account all of the bug fixes. You can find the full notes on them here, but it includes fixes for the bug where players get stuck; you’re no longer booted out your party when you head back to the title screen; blood colour should now display correctly, quicker matchmaking, and a lengthier text chat limit.

Has Ubisoft tackled all of the problems you've had with R6 Siege yet? Or is there still plenty wrong with the squad-based online shooter?