European trucking is passé. You don’t know the meaning of the open-road until you’ve hopped in an 18-wheeler and cruised the long, lonely roads of the United States. Anthems have been penned to the fact so it must be true. Or at least, that’s what developer SCS hopes you’ll think when American Truck Simulator chugs into view on February 3rd, 2016.

Euro Truck Simulator 2 became something of a breakout hit when it arrived a few years back. It struck a chord with gamers who loved a life on the open road with just a radio for company. Taking it to the mean streets of America seems like a no brainer. It appears as if this is just the first steps for American Truck Sim as well, with a couple of trucks and the entire state of California in at day one. The plan is to cover the entirety of North America eventually, along with all the major truck manufacturers, trucking fans.

I got into it Euro Truck Sim 2 for a while and it’s oddly addictive, so I’ll definitely be coming an eye on this when it arrives. There’s something about just heading out on a long distance journey and just kicking back, loading up your own custom radio stations. It's also definitive proof that drinking and driving is a very dangerous activity.

Everybody has imagined a great American road trip at some point or another as well, and this could be the perfect alternative when paired up with a VR headset.