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Batman: Arkham Knight’s Season Pass has been, by all accounts, a bit of a joke. When you slap a £33 / $40 price tag on some DLC before users even know what it is, you kind of set yourself up for a fall. Up until now the content released has been very brief story expansions, additional challenges, and a bunch of new skins.

There is still one chance at salvation for Batman: Arkham Knight’s Season Pass however, with the Season of Infamy DLC dropping tomorrow. It all revolves a bunch of new villains including Mad Hatter, Killer Croc, Mr. Freeze and Ra’s al Ghul, each with their own storylines. Solving these mysteries is going to require Batman getting down to some serious detective work, with a new wing of the GCPD open as the base of your operations.

What this doesn’t tell is just how long it will take players to plough through this DLC. To get an appropriate level of value out of the Season Pass this is going to need to be a substantial amount of story content.

There’s an intriguing bit towards the end of the video though, where the Rocksteady crew talk about the future of the Arkham series. It’s an ambiguous cut-off but it seems as if this might not be the end of the series as we’d been led to believe.

Would you be interested in another Batman: Arkham title? How have you found the season pass content so far? Satisfied with your purchase? Let us know!