Hey there gaming wanderer, you have found yourself on one of the friendliest game and hardware focused zones on the internet. And its Christmas day of all days. Visiting GD today, like I am, shows that we already share a tonne of stuff in common. The lure of gaming, technology and the most amazing online community in the world. So please, pull up a seat by the fire with me and lets enjoy this place of friendship and warmth, while we discuss the marvels of our shared interests in this amazing land we call Game-Debate.

I am so proud of what GD is continuing to become. We grow each year and where other websites display the ugly side of online human interaction, GD shines with lovelieness, because we all get it. We are on the same page. As more new people turn up, they are quickly shown by you, our fellow GD'ers, how to get the most from our site. You introduce them and help them find their way, whether it is looking up game data, exploring hardware info, understanding our site tools or just having a friendly discussion on our news or review pages. Its truly incredible.

And so with confidence I continue to layer in more and more features, knowing they will be used. The regulars and backers on the site pick up those features, learn and test them, informing me of bugs along the way. I refine them and together we introduce everyone to the public versions. The new backer area is specifically used for this. Again I am humbled by the interest and support I get from people who are actually invested in GD.

GD Backers get to enjoy the latest features, get to talk to me about what can and cant work and help explore those concepts. Because of this, during 2015 I decided to really concentrate my time on creating new ways to get GD to fulfill social interaction requirements between our fellow members.

But Game-Debate is an ongoing work in progress. I have lots more ideas (some major ideas will be rolled out in just a week or two) and I always enjoy hearing your thoughts and ideas throughout the year of how we can improve things. Obviously I dont always get time to respond to everyone who takes the time to contact me, but I do read everything and I love you for taking the interest and time to reach out.

This Christmas I decided to venture over to the US to meet up with one of our most prolific GD writers and my good friend, Squee. He has been writing for us since the beginning of time. Or at least since the beginning of GD time. He moved over this way a couple of years ago, helping us to see what the site looks and runs like across the ocean. Why don't we see what he has to say? 

"Hello GDers! It's not been too bad a year for games, eh? The Witcher III, GTA V, a couple of smaller smash hits like Pillars of Eternity and even a halfway-decent Assassins Creed game. This is always a fun time not just because Santa stuffs our Steam sacks with stunning software, but also because we have the lip-smacking promise of the year to come and all those goodies that have seemed so distant with their 2016 release dates, now just around the corner.

It's been great to have Felix out here on my (usually sunnier) side of the pond, and we've really enjoyed discussing secret projects for the future of GD over an aged cognac and a shelf-full of board games. So please raise a glass with me for my good chum and gaming buddy Mr. Felix, and here's to another year of top gaming laughs with this wonderful community!"

Ahh thats so nice. Thanks Squee. As he said, 2015's year of gaming has been a corker and I felt that the roll out of games is getting bigger and better as the whole industry really gets taken seriously. I spoke to a representative earlier this year from Pinewood Studios (they make a load of very famous UK films, including things like James Bond etc) and the rep basically said, they are now getting in to games because thats where the entertainment money really is. We constantly see A list actors voice acting big games or being motion captured which is a sign of promising things to come for us all.

On another note, here is some insider info for those of you that have a specific type of care towards GD and wanting to continue to see it continuing to operate from year to year. It is quoted from last year and remains an issue now and moving forward - Weird stuff is happening to the online world. The default method of making money from content online is through those crappy ads we see around websites. Money from those ads has dropped by around 50% since last year. So although GD reaches more people than ever before I actually have a real looming problem of trying to keep things moving forward, when income dwindles so rapidly. This is the same for all publishers of content online, not just GD. I have spoken to a number of big site owners that are thinking of closing and moving on. GD wont be doing that, but please know its tough and your support through the Premium /Backer membership is really appreciated.

While a lot of people think the internet and its content is free, the harsh truth is, nothing is free and eventually the price for managing and generating online content will be far more than publishers can afford. Something will have to change. If you had talked to me a few years ago I would have told you that owning an influential website, like the one GD is today, would have made me rich. Many of you already know that I have made no money myself from our GD adventure so far and spent a lot of my own cash getting us to where we are today.

Do I regret it? Hell no, its been great fun and a privilege to build an online space where so many millions of people can enjoy the creations that plop out from my brain. I have also made tonnes of long term friends and proudly watched many of you make online friends here as well.

And so that brings me smoothly on to the GD Admin. These guys rock. Each and every one of them are hand chosen from the ranks of the most amazing community in the world. You. So from the millions of lovely GD'ers, these few are selected carefully by me to help us keep GD the friendly place that it is today. And they have never let me down.

How do you become an admin? People ask that all the time. And thats aweseome and thank you for being interested. In short, ask an admin, dont ask me. They have the best answers for you and can help guide you. If you look hard enough you will notice that a bunch of old retired admin still turn up to the site, because of their close bonds with us all, and they are some of the most knowledgeable people around.

I would like to take this moment to offer a special thanks to my dear admin friends. Thank you guys for helping keep GD on track and giving me time to focus on creating more and more for our lovely community. And a special thanks to Pip, who has been involved for years and is our source of hardware knowledge, working tirelessly behind the scenes. Big hugs Son.

For those of you who drop in and out of GD but have never signed up (which is FREE  to do so) then take the plunge and get involved. Its easy and you will not regret it. Everyone will welcome you with open arms, no matter what your native language or gaming preferences.

Big love to you my fellow GD’ers and thank you all for popping by on this family day. It means you think of me and GD as your family and by that very thought it makes us a GD family.

Happy Holidays everyone and best of luck with everything you want to happen in the New Year.

Your pal,

Queen Felix ;)