If you’ve been breaching and clearing for the past month or so then you’ve probably exhausted the current operators and maps included in Rainbow Six Siege. The first free DLC pack aims to address this, adding in a pair of new operators and a brand new map in February.

Dubbed ‘Operation Black Ice’, Ubisoft has confirmed it will be released on 2nd February for Season Pass holders, and a week later for everything else. From the looks of a few leaked images it appears as if the pair of operators are going to be from a new Canadian special forces unit, presumably one each for Attack and Defend. It's unclear just what unique abilities they will have, although the new female unit has a knife and is likely equipped for stealth play. 

Grabbing the new characters will be free of charge, but you will have to put the hours in. Ubisoft has said the two operators can be bought using Renown earned from roughly 25 hours of gameplay each. So 50 hours of online play to get the pair. Alternatively, you can skip out all that bother and buy them instantly for £3.99, or pick up the £24 Rainbow Six Siege Season Pass to grab the lot early. Personally I’d be pretty loathe to pay cash for them after splashing out on a $60 game.

They’ll be joined by a pretty funky looking new map that’s a far cry from the drab warehouses and run-down bars making up the current crop. From the teaser image it looks to be a yacht which has crashed into an icy cliff-face, opening up all sorts of tactical opportunities. Presumably this is going to be a hostage rescue map as well, because I can’t see this being the most useful place to set off a bomb.

Following this, you can expect three more packs of content spread throughout the year, bringing a total of 8 new operators and 4 new maps, alongside new weapons, game modes, and *shudder* cosmetics.

Still plugging away at Rainbow Six Siege and looking forward to the DLC? Do you think this is a shooter with long legs, or will it fizzle out? Let us know!