Whatever you thought of Watch Dogs, it was ultimately disappointing when stood up to that awesome E3 gameplay reveal. The concept is absolutely sound. The execution; not so much so. The one shining light however was the hacking, which transformed car chases and led to some heart-pounding moments as you raised town-bridges before soaring oven them into a multi-storey car park.

So how about marrying that incredible hacking with a legitimately great open-world game like, say, Grand Theft Auto 5? Well that’s exactly what modder JulioNIB has done, creating the Watch_Dogs V hacks script mod. It’s the same GTA V you know and and love, but you can explode hydrants, hack lights, remote drive cars, raise street bollards, blackout the lights and even derail trains using your phone.

It’s the sort of thing that would be really neat to test out in Grand Theft Auto Online, but Rockstar’s stringent anti-cheating measures mean you can’t even create your own private servers to give it a try.

The mod doesn’t actually use the Aiden Pearce model, so if you bizarrely want to inject one of the worst character ever created into GTA 5, then you can grab that separately. I think what’s a little strange in the video is that, particularly early on, there’s not all that much to discern it from actually playing Watch Dogs. There’s something about Aiden which just makes all around him drab and grey.

Aside from that mod looks like an entertaining diversion, even cramming in some abilities above and beyond what you could do in Ubisoft's game. 

It seems pretty neat, anyone thinking of giving this a go?