I think we all know by now, if you want to build a PC extremely cheaply you most certainly can. Now it might not be lighting quick, or capable of running everything you throw at it, but when push comes to shove it is absolutely possible. Enter the realm of gaming however, and everything changes. Nobody wants to buy a PC that can't play the latest game without it look like a dodgy flip book.

There's a tricky balance then between saving a few pennies and splashing out on better hardware to get the necessary performance from your gaming rig. Do I skimp on the processor to get a beefier graphics card? Is a decent case an unnecessary luxury? Surely a cheap PSU won't blow up on me? All questions we usually want answered when building a budget build. But, just how budget do you think it's wise to go?

As you can see from the build below, you can actually put together a budget PC for as little as £389. Make no doubt about it, you can go far cheaper than this though. I had to draw the line somewhere however, and I think the GeForce GTX 950 paired with an AMD Athlon X4 860K is my limit. Any less than this and it's just not going to have the performance necessary to make it a worthwhile purchase.

Budget Build

ComponentBrandPriceAmazon UKAmazon US
CPUAMD Athlon X4 860K£57LinkLink
MotherboardASRock FM2A88M Extreme4+£65LinkLink 
Graphics CardEVGA GeForce GTX 950£135Link Link 
MemoryPatriot PSD38G1600KH 8GB£30Link Link 
Power SupplyCorsair Builder Series CXM 430W£40Link Link 
CPU CoolerStockN/AN/AN/A 
StorageWestern Digital 1TB HDD£39Link Link 
CaseCiT Goblin Mesh Gaming Case *£26Link Link 
Total £389  

*The US build has a slightly different PC Case in the build.

If you missed it we also just created a Best Entry-Level, Mid-Tier And Enthusiast Gaming PC Builds 2016 article as well to help get the 2016 year underway. We will revise these builds later in the year, as the released PC tech updates.

What's the cheapest build you can put together that still offers a decent level of gaming performance? Just how cheap would you go with a brand new build? Is it high-end or the highway? Let us know below!