Honk HOOONK. American Truck Simulator is pulling into a truck stop near you in just a matter of a couple of weeks’ time. SCS Software is back with another chance to live life on the open road. It’s not all junk food wrappers, murderous hitchhikers and 3AM radio shows though. From humble beginnings as an overnight hauler to managing your very own US trucking empire, it promises to have it all.

Well, a fair chunk anyway. Previously we’d been told that American Truck Simulator would launch with just the state of California to get going with. Which in fairness is still a lot, being the most populous state in the United States and stretching more than 750 miles long. As it turns out SCS has exceeded its expectations, with Nevada coming as free day one DLC and Arizona also in the works.

In short, DLC Nevada will be a free game update for everyone, no matter where or when you will have bought the game, available immediately on official release date,” explains SCS. 

The Arizona update will also be free of charge, but it’s still a little ways off yet. The team’s plans don’t end there either, with a roadmap of years worth of content intended to cover the entire continent. That includes stretching north to Canada, and down south to Mexico. That’s not forgetting the 47 other states that could be in the pipeline.

American Truck Simulator’s entire package is surely a daunting task for the development studio, but if it’s popularity takes off in the way Euro Truck Sim did, then it’s sure to have plenty of long-term support.

As it stands American Truck Sim is still on course for its February 3rd release date, only on PC.