According to the schedule for the upcoming GDC 2016 (Global Developers Conference) event, Codemasters has been updating its EGO Engine 4.0 game engine, introducing DirectX 12 support. It’s the same graphics engine powering F1 2015, which served as the test-bed for the new tech, so it’s possible we could see a retroactive update to utilise Microsoft’s latest graphics API.

The GDC schedule says Codemasters has been been working together with Intel in order to best optimise DirectX 12 performance on the Iris Pro integrated graphics used on Intel's recent processors.

Codemasters’ conference listing says it will “present a post-mortem on their new rendering engine used for F1 2015 detailing how they balanced the apparently opposing goals optimizing for mainstream processor graphics, high end multi-core and DX12.” F1 2015 is then cited as the first game engine from Codemasters solely created for new engine architecture, and as such is designed to make use of multi-core CPUs in spreading the workload.

The GDC session will demonstrate a visual boost to F1 2015’s particle system, without any impact on graphics card demands. New effects added include Raster Ordered Views and Voxel based ray tracing (Conservative Rasterization).

Codemasters has put the work in then, at least behind the scenes, meaning an update for F1 2015 could be rolling out soon. Failing that, DX12 support for the inevitable F1 2016 must be on the cards.

There’s a dearth of DX12-capable titles out there, so any progress on this front is welcomed. At the moment Fable Legends is the front-runner, with an expected PC beta this summer.