Shelter 2 Spin-Off Paws Springs To Life In March

Written by Neil Soutter on Fri, Jan 22, 2016 12:45 PM
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By all accounts, Shelter and its sequel are a pair of beloved games. In them, you play as a badger mother and a lynx respectively, giving birth to cubs, raising them, nurturing, finding them food and teaching your young how to hunt. Nature is a harsh mistress though, and your new-found family is all too easily snatched away by predators, starvation, treacherous rivers, or all manner of dangers.

Keeping every cub alive was a formidable task. Developer Might & Delight was all too aware of this, and has spun the table somewhat with the announcement of Paws. Set in the same world as Shelter 2, this spin-off has gamers stepping into the paws of a tiny lynx cub separated from its family, looking for a way back home.

It’s a standalone story so you won’t be requiring Shelter 2 to play Paws. Despite being set in the same universe, Paws is touted as being a much more linear experience than the freedom offered in Shelter 2, with the young cub tasked with completing environmental puzzles to make it through this harsh world. At one point it looks as if you’re going to befriend a bear cub, with which you’ll be gathering the bare necessities of life. .

Might & Delight has already nailed down a March 24th release date for Paws, when it’s coming exclusively to PC.


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14:26 Jan-22-2016

Seems cool :)

admin approved badge
13:54 Jan-22-2016

So we can expect some puzzle challenges in this game as well? A lack of challenge and the fact that I've got enough games on the to-play list are the only reasons I wouldn't play this :) Looks promising!


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