Much has been said of virtual reality, but the conversation inevitably steers to whether it’s just a gimmick or a genuine game-changer. While VR is a totally different technology, it’s not aided by the flash in the pan tech that has preceded it, including the likes of Xbox Kinect, 3D monitors, and PlayStation Move, to name but a few.

Plenty of people bought into these and they were harshly stung, with support dropping off and a total absence of software which could prove the worth of these devices. Try this out - Name one must-play Kinect game that couldn't be played in any other way. VR’s big thing is that it can offer something truly new; that it will change how you view and interact with games forever. That’s all hot air without the games to back it up though, and in the latest GD LiveCast Nibble, host Tim predicts 2016 will be the year in which VR opens the doors to entirely new types of gameplay.

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