Rumours of Red Dead Redemption 2, much like Half-Life 3, just won't go away. In fairness, it's not difficult to see why. Red Dead Redemption occupies a slot as one of the most critically acclaimed games of all time. That and, well, it's Rockstar isn't it. Everything they touch turns to piles and piles of filthy lucre. 

In the six years since Red Dead Redemption's launch we've heard from Take Two CEOs, ex-Rockstar developers, and all sorts of supposed 'industry insiders', but are we still any closer to Red Dead Redemption 2? Here in the latest GD LiveCast Nibble, Tim and Jacques try and make some sense of all this, piecing together all the clues, hearsay and rumours to try and get to bottom of a Red Dead sequel.

I have to say at this stage I'd just be happy with Rockstar finally releasing Red Dead Redemption on PC. It feels as if too much time has passed for this to be a thing, but it still strikes me as a sadly missed opportunity. 

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