Insomniac Announces Underwater Metroidvania Song Of The Deep

Written by Neil Soutter on Sat, Jan 30, 2016 10:30 AM
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Insomniac Games have taken me a bit by surprise and announced Song of the Deep. Which I suspect is a lot less controversial than the similarly-monikered Song of the South. The Edge of Nowhere, Resistance: Fall of Man and Sunset Overdrive developer has taken a bit of a left-turn and revealed it’s working on a 2D Metroidvania game.

Now before you all run away screaming, it might not necessarily be your typical Metroidvania. It’s an entire game built around the worst bit of every game ever - the underwater sections. Okay, I’ve probably lost most of you by now. There’s a reveal trailer though, so you can see for yourself whether it might be your thing.

In fairness, with the whole of Song of the Deep being underwater, you’d have to expect Insomniac has got the underwater stuff nailed down. You’ve got a pretty nifty submarine which basically looks like a cartoon torpedo, but it also appears as if you can clamber out of vessel and have a swim around.

Insomniac is targeting a summer 2016 launch for this one, on PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One, price at $15 so it’s quite a low-key title. Intriguingly Song of the Deep is being published by none other than Gamestop, of brick and mortar USA game store fame. It’s their first foray into games publishing, and in typically archaic fashion this $15 downloadable game is going to be available as a boxed copy for all platforms.

Does Song of the Deep look like a fine vessel? Or should it be given das boot? Let us know what you think!

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12:50 Jan-30-2016

No matter the length of this game, if it's that immersive as it looks like, it should definitely be worth the $15 spent :) Seeing the trailer, I think about the Sea of Serendipity from Rayman (Origins & Legends).

11:31 Jan-30-2016

Looks very beautiful and interesting enough. Might give it a try when it releases.


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