You may have noticed yesterday evening that Nvidia waited until the last minute to have a massive (now expired) key giveaway for The Division. Getting hold of that beta key and trying to redeem it in Uplay was like a game in itself. Not a very good one though, admittedly. Sites slowed to a crawl, Uplay decided to bug out, and it gave us a little taste of what to expect when The Division’s beta actually goes live.

As I write this there’s a countdown going on live on The Division’s site, with the beta opening its doors to one and all at midday GMT. But based on what we’ve seen, will Ubisoft even be able to handle the crush in demand?

I’m a regular Rainbow Six Siege player and, over two months since its launch, I’m still experiencing some fairly major problems with the online matchmaking. Last night I waited close to 20 minutes to find a ranked game. It doesn’t exactly fill you with confidence that Ubisoft will be able to handle the online component of a game which has a far greater deal of interest, does it?

We’re ready to dive into post-disaster New York from the moment the clock strikes 12, as are plenty of you hopefully, but what time do you think it will actually be before you can squeeze through Ubisoft’s authentication process and make it online?

Will The Division’s Closed Beta be a day one disaster? Is this one best avoided until the hype dies down? Let us know what you think!

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