Every so often a game comes along that looks as if it's been designed from the ground up to push awesomely powerful PCs to their absolutely limits. Capable of unbelievable visuals which reaffirm just why we splashed out on all that lovely, lovely hardware. Rise of the Tomb Raider is a beautiful game, perhaps one just such game. Every corner you turn, every precipice you climb, and every priceless treasure you unearth, delivers a visual splendour.

I figured that a lucky person would love to get a go at this years PC Tomb Raider, to see if their hardware is up to the challenge, so this weekend I'm going to lighten the load for a GD'er and give away Rise of the Tomb Raider absolutely free. It's really easy to get in with a chance to win and you might already have been automatically entered. How's that for cool?

To enter this week's Rise of the Tomb Raider Free Game Giveaway click the Tweet button, like normal, below. Plus anyone who installs or has installed our awesome GD Anywhere browser extension will also be in with a chance. Do both and you'll double your chances of winning. You can also subscribe to our YouTube channel to be in with a chance. Simple.

Anyone who has already got the latest version of our browser extension installed or is already a YouTube channel subscriber will automatically be added into the competition and in with a chance to win, but if you click the tweet button below then you will increase your chances further.

HOW DO I ENTER Rise of the Tomb Raider Free PC Game Giveaway?

  • To be in with a chance to win the PC copy of Rise of the Tomb Raider, simply install our GD Anywhere browser extension and/or click the "Tweet" button below and/or subscribe to our YouTube benchmark channel.
  • 3 methods of entry: Tweet, install GD Anywhere, subscribe to YouTube Channel.
  • Entry closes on Tuesday, 2nd  February, when we will select our winner.
  • You must follow us on Twitter if you Tweet
  • The winning entry will be given the key on Game Debate, so if you win you will need to register/login on GD to claim your prize. We will private message the winner via Twitter or via Youtube or directly on GD, with further instructions!

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Don't forget you can check out how well your gaming rig can run RotTR on its official Rise of the Tomb Raider System Requirements game page.

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Also, here is the ROTTR benchmark video I did the other day, to help you see the difference between the Low and Very High graphics settings.

WINNER ANNOUNCEMENT : Congrats to the Rise of the Tomb Raider winner, MiloBrown. Lucky person, great game. Please leave a message below to everyone if you get a moment. Thanks for joining in and have fun.

So, GDers, the rest is up to you! Get Tweeting for your chance to win your very own PC copy of Rise of the Tomb Raider this weekend!