Ultra-stylish first-person shooter SUPERHOT has finally been given a release date. It’s been a long road since May 2014 when it smashed through its Kickstarter target, but SUPERHOT will be launching this very month on PC, with an Xbox One version expected a few weeks later.

Beginning life in a 7 Day FPS game jam, the twist in SUPERHOT is that time only moves when you do. Stand still and bullets stay suspended in mid-air. There’s no regenerating health bars to speak of and extremely limited ammo, so well thought out strategies are going to be the key to dodging an impending storm of bullets.

You can see in the new release date trailer below that you can actually catch fallen foes’ weaponry mid-air, before turning it on their comrades. The katana looks absolutely lethal as well, provided you can get up close and personal. It’s all capped off by some seriously stylised, minimalist visuals, which should also mean SUPERHOT runs great on a wide variety of rigs, fingers crossed.

The proper release date then is February 25th, so we’ve only got just over three weeks to go. For fans of clutter, SUPERHOT will also be coming as boxed version on both platforms.

Anybody going to be feeling the heat on February 25th?