22cans Release Godus Wars While Original Godus Is Still In Early Access

Written by Stuart Thomas on Thu, Feb 4, 2016 12:45 PM
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The continuing tale of Peter Molyneux and 22cans’ Godus continues to get even more tragic with the announcement of Godus Wars. The still-in-Early-Access Godus attracted a heck of lot of negativity you see, with 22cans reneging on Kickstarter promises and completely failing to deliver the expected game. This resulted in a Mostly Negative rating on Steam, which is just about as good as a death sentence when it comes to that digital storefront.

How do you paper over all those negative reviews, you may ask? Well, the answer is to basically try and pretend Godus doesn’t exist, as it turns out, replacing it with the redesigned Godus Wars and a fresh slate of reviews. Hooray. If you’ve already got a copy of Godus you’re going to be getting Godus Wars for free. It looks remarkably similar, but 22cans is going for a more combat-oriented, traditional RTS approach.

Such real-time strategy elements were originally planned for Godus, but it looks as if these have been whipped out for the totally new Godus Wars.

Godus Wars is the exciting, new addition of combat into the Godus universe; mixing intricate real-time strategy gameplay with the unique land transformation of Godus,” writes 22cans CEO Simon Phillips. "The development of Godus Wars proves that 22cans are never a company to back down from a challenge. All Kickstarter backers and previous Godus owners on Steam will be receiving Godus Wars as a major, free update.

If you’re brave, foolish or crazy enough, Godus Wars is already up on Steam Early Access to take for a test ride. At the moment it contains 70 fully deformable levels, with plans for a few hundred more, as well as four playable deities, two unit types, 20 God Powers, Troop Buffs, and two deity opponents.

It’s been out less than a day and it’s already been hit with a Mostly Negative rating on Steam, so it’s not off to a fantastic start. I’d have been tempted to declare the IP toxic and taken on an entirely new name, because it seems plenty of people stung by the original have been quick to voice their dissatisfaction.

Anybody who put down the cash for Godus given this a go? How is it? Or has the Godus disaster made you shy away from Molyneux’s games?

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21:36 Feb-04-2016

Back than when it was released in early access i wanted to buy it. Thank god i didn t :). Its the same thing with dayz. Which i paid for and its till in early access/buggy T.T

19:03 Feb-04-2016

The concept of Godus was neat, but the execution sucked. I tried the mobile version since it's free, but the controls were terrible and the gameplay was designed to prop open my wallet. I'm so glad I never bought the PC version.

16:12 Feb-04-2016

Still in early access? OMG... How is this studio not bankrupt yet? And how could a man that created Dungeon Keeper turn into a walking failure?


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