Quelle surprise, the Tom Clancy’s The Division beta is back, and this time it’s open to all. You kind of have to feel for the thousands, or potentially millions of players that Ubisoft encouraged to buy into or pre-order the beta, when just a fortnight later it's available to everybody. 

Expect a stampede of gamers causing absolutely crushed servers, but if you do manage to wriggle your way in, there’s going to be some significant changes from the last run out. That includes a brand new mission dubbed Subway Morgue in which players will encounter a new enemy faction known as The Cleaners. To get a feel for all the factions that are out for blood there’s also a brand new trailer to feast your eyes on., which includes the likes of Rioters, Rikers Island convicts, and now The Cleaners, to name but a few.

There will also be an additional Wing in the Base of Operations unlocked, new skills to be used, and a host of Dark Zone updates and improvements. Clearly players were advancing a little too quickly as well, because Ubisoft has decided to adjust the levelling curve, and reduce the refresh rate of Dark Zone chests 'greatly'.

The Division's open beta will be kicking off on February 18th for Xbox One players, and from February 19th for PS4 and PC, running through until February 21st. 

Despite the last beta for The Division being a closed one, that didn’t stop seemingly millions of players from giving it a whirl. Ubisoft released an infographic showing some key stats from the beta, and there are some eye-opening anomalies. First of all, a doff of the cap to the player who managed to cram 90 hours play into the 120 hour beta. I don’t who or what you are, but that takes some serious doing.

Then there’s the small matter of total minutes played. Ubisoft reckon this totals 621,653,358 minutes, which is equivalent to just shy of 1,182 years. Humanity never ceases to impress me.

Where things get even more bizarre is the car doors closed stat. This iconic gesture had us bizarrely gasping at E3 a few years back, and clearly gamers were desperate to give it a go. A total of 7,184,867,422 car doors were closed. Somehow that’s 11 car doors closed, per person, per minute. I can only imagine there was an army of car door closers out there working full time. That, or Ubisoft bought its calculator from the same place it bought AC Unity’s game engine.

Anybody there yet to give this a try? Have you made your mind up as to whether you're picking up The Division at launch yet? How many car doors did you close a minute? Let us know!