Regular Rainbow Six Siege players will be all too aware it’s been catastrophically broken since the 2.0 Black Ice update arrived last week. Players are going rampant with invisible Kapkan tripwires, character models are going haywire, textures are going missing, and matchmaking has you pondering the purpose of your existence as it ticks over into its tenth minute of ‘Finding a match’.

I love Rainbow Six Siege but the problems introduced around the time of that last update forced me to put it aside until it’s fixed, lest I trip over another Kapkan and go full Rambo. Luckily Ubisoft has been fairly swift in its response, issuing a new 2.1 update last night for PC, before it eventually arrives for PS4 and Xbox One players on the 16th.

The list of changes is fairly gigantic, and you can read through all them here. Some of the highlights include a fix for the Kapkan trap exploit, Operators being stuck in the T-Pose, and Blitz’s head is now both smaller and lower so he can’t be headshotted so easily. This, combined with his shield being a little taller, should make Blitz a more viable choice for Attackers.

Blitz Rainbow 6 Siege Pre-Patch

Blitz Rainbow 6 Siege Post-Patch

Then there’s also the small matter of dedicated servers. This is something Rainbow Six Siege players have been crying out for, and now dedicated servers can be used for Custom Games. This evens the board and prevents the host from having an advantage. Ubisoft reckon it should also make it harder for players to cheat.

The update should already be out for PC gamers, and console players just have to wait until next Tuesday, February 16th. 

Has Ubisoft tackled all the issues you had here? Did anybody else drop out of Siege for a bit following previous disastrous update?