Ubisoft have just released their third quarter 2015-16 earnings report and have officially slated Watch Dogs 2 for release by April 2017. It's highly likely it will release later rather than sooner considering the amount of big franchise titles Ubisoft have lined up for release already.

Watch Dogs was one of those games that came with the Molyneux effect – great potential and promise that ended up compromised down to a product that felt unfinished and shallow. It'll definitely be interesting to see how they plan to win back some goodwill with WD2 as they clearly believe in the franchise's success.

Watch Dogs was revealed at E3 2012 and the hype surrounding the game was instant and electric because of how incredible the graphics looked straight out the gate. It became a title that was set to herald a new generation of game engine and visual fidelity in games. Unfortunately, as I'm sure many of us still remember, that didn't end up being the case despite Watch Dogs having all the features of a big AAA hit.

Yves Guillemot, the CEO of Ubisoft, during an E3 2015 press interview conceded the mistakes of the first game, saying: “When we show something, we ask the team, make sure it's playable...That's what we learned from the Watch Dogs experience – if it can't be played on the target machine, it can be a risk”. Aside from the announcement of its existence, Ubisoft is keeping all other details on the game tightly under wraps so keep checking back with for more updates.

The first Watch Dogs garnered considerable critical acclaim, with much of the press highlighting the quality of the game's story and open world which stands in stark contrast to the feedback of many users who felt the game was a letdown and not quite the standard expected from a major studio release. What do you guys think? Can Ubisoft deliver a quality AAA title to reinvigorate an already controversial franchise or will WatchDogs 2 be another game to leave in the kennels?