Drastic changes to Counter Strike: Global Offensive are few and far between, so it was with some glee that I found out classic map de_nuke has been totally reworked. It’s no longer a series of drab corridors but an ultra modern nuclear power plant known as Cedar Creek. This is a map getting on for twenty years old now, so any changes are always going to be met with serious suspicion, but it’s quite a remarkable job Valve has done with this touch up.

The map's been missing from CS: GO entirely, and it’s a bit of a classic so it's great to see it back. Somewhat controversially, Valve has put the Nuke remake straight into competitive matchmaking as well, so this going to be available to play as of now at eSports tournaments. Best get training… That’s not all either. The Nuke update is joined by the huge new Operation Wildfire event, cramming in plenty of new bits and bobs to appease long-time players.

This event is running through until June 17th, and everyone with a copy of Counter Strike: Global offensive will have access to seven new, hand-picked community maps. These include Cruise, Coast, Royal and Empire. So far, so good. Then on top of this players can pay out $6 for an Operation Wildfire Access Pass, and that comes with a whole host of goodies to keep long-time CSGO players busy.

A pair of new Operation Campaigns are included, totalling more than 50 missions. The Wildfire Campaign comes with a bunch of Deathmatch, Arms Race and Casual missions, while the co-operative Gemini Campaign has 23 Guardian missions and a trio of Co-op Strike missions. On top of this there’s also Blitz Missions cropping up regularly. These are timed community events that grant bonus XP for accomplishing certain tasks.

That seems like to plenty to get your teeth stuck into, and private an opportunity for swift XP boosts and upgrading the Wildfire Coin which can sit on your profile.

Last but not least the Wildfire update also comes with a bunch of bug fixes and tweaks, the full gory details of which can be seen here