Ubisoft has come out and said it’s going to improve ranked matchmaking in Rainbow Six Siege. Which is a bit like Genghis Khan saying he’s going to try to be a nicer person - the only way is up. But hold your horses just a second, put that breaching charge down. If you were expecting this to mean you’ll finding games quicker then think again, these changes could in fact make the wait time for Rainbow Six Siege’s ranked matches take even longer.

"Relaxation will occur quicker, but with smaller increments and with a maximum differential cap between teams,” explains Ubisoft. !This means that you could see an increase in matchmaking queue times, but the matchup will be better balanced and of better quality."

Now R6 Siege is undoubtedly a great game, but, and I don’t know about you, the wait times for matches can be absolutely ludicrous. I have some instances where it’s taken 5+ minutes for me in a three-man party to find a group.

The thinking behind this move is that players will be matched up against teams of equal quality for fairer play. That’s a noble goal, but my Ranked Win/Loss sits at a very steady 1.0, so I’m not personally seeing where the problem is.

Whatever the case, the changes are rolling out today, Tuesday, February 23rd, beginning on Xbox One and PS4 before dropping on PC by 15:30 GMT this afternoon.

How have you found matchmaking in Rainbow Six Siege? Would you prefer it take longer to find more evenly balanced matches?