Another Hitman Beta Revealed In New Story Trailer Which Relives Agent 47 Greatest Hits

Written by Neil Soutter on Wed, Feb 24, 2016 3:30 PM
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The recent trend of including beta access to a game with pre-orders is a worrying one, and the Hitman reboot is the latest to follow in the footsteps of The Division and open it up to a wider audience after the fact. Starting from March 11th, subscribers to Sony’s PlayStation Plus service will all gain access to the same Hitman beta levels which ran for PC and PS4 gamers over the last fortnight.

That’s not all either, because we’ve also got our gloved mitts on a brand new cinematic trailer, bridging the gap between the events of the Prologue beta missions and first level of Hitman proper - Sanguine Fashion Show in Paris. It’s borderline murder-porn, but I defy you not to feel buzzed about playing a new Hitman by the time the trailer comes to a close. Damn you IO, you’ve done it again.

Again though, it’s a move that kind of flies in the face of fans who paid cash upfront in order to access the beta. If you’re planning to practically give it away to PS4 gamers, that seems a little disingenuous. Whatever the case, if you’ve got a PS4 subscription then the beta will be yours on March 4th, exactly one week before Hitman’s March 11 launch.

Have you made up your made whether you're going to involved with Hitman on day one? Or are you going to wait until the full package hits? 

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18:53 Feb-24-2016

Paid upfront in full. It's gonna be a great game and I enjoyed the beta!

17:05 Feb-24-2016

Awesome !!! I am so excited to revisit the previous unforgettable levels !! :)
a must have installment of the series !!! :D my rigs ready too !!

16:15 Feb-24-2016

This is gonna be the best Hitman ever..


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