It’s felt like we’ve been riding the Pascal hype train forever, but Nvidia’s upcoming next-generation GPU microarchitecture should finally be in our hands soon. The latest reports suggest Nvidia is planning to fully unveil Pascal this coming April at the annual GTC (GPU Technology Conference) event.

Nvidia CEO Jen-Hsun Huang is apparently going to be hosting a keynote on April 5th during which the wraps will finally be taken off of the device. Expect a full rundown of the GPU specs, along with the new features it brings to the table, alongside the anticipated die shrink thanks to the 16nm FinFET fabrication process.

During the event, which runs April 4 -7, Nvidia apparently plans to unveil a prototype graphics card and demonstrate the potentially great leap in gaming performance offered by these next-gen GPUs. On a base level we know we can expect in the region of twice the performance per watt in comparison to the current Maxwell graphics cards. This, couple of with a mooted 4096-bit memory bus interface and NV Link capabilities could mean an absolute monster of a GPU family.

In addition to this, it's reported Nvidia plans to ship the first Pascal products in June, beginning with notebook GPUs, although we're hopeful their desktop counterparts won't be far behind. 

Obviously AMD isn’t going to let a big reveal like this lie, and it’s looking increasingly certain AMD will have its own Polaris GPUs to show off very soon. The last we’d heard was a number of AMD execs teasing something ‘spicy’ coming from Radeon at GDC (Game Developer’s Conference) in a fortnight.

Make no bones about it, the next couple of months are looking to be a monumental time for fans of graphical horsepower. If either or both of AMD and Nvidia can stick to their promises, the current standard of visual performance is going to be left for dust.