Valve’s announced a new game! Errr, sort of anyway. The Lab, set to be fully unveiled at the Game Developers Conference next week, is a free collection of virtual reality experiments designed to show off its upcoming Vive headset, in conjunction with HTC.

The Lab is set within “a pocket universe of Aperture Science,” the facility seen in Portal and Portal 2. The collection of Portal-themed oddities will "offer multiple ways to enjoy room-scale VR".

If you’ve seen any of HTC Vive VR demos then you’re probably familiar with the Aperture Robot Repair demo that’s been doing the rounds. While the player can interact lightly with the environment, for the most part it’s just about watching what’s going on in the cube-like structure around you. There’s little game to speak of, but it does a decent job of showing off VR. If I had to take a stab then I’d guess The Lab is more of the same, albeit with a greater focus on gameplay.

We should find out plenty more about The Lab at GDC, which takes place from March 14-18 over in San Francisco. Whatever the case you’re going to need a VR headset to enjoy it, and the first generation isn’t exactly going to come cheap. The HTC Vive will set you back $800 before tax, and even more in Europe, while the Oculus Rift is priced at $600.

Valve’s been beavering away on a new title then, could this pave the way for a Portal 3 VR game? Is there any hope of seeing a full new title from the folks at Valve? Let us know your thoughts!