Tropico 5 publisher Kalypso has announced a brand new IP in the shape of Urban Empire. From Finnish developer Fragment Production, Urban Empire is a city management game with a bit of a twist. Rather than obsess over road layouts and constructing buildings, players take on a mayoral dynasty, using strategic planning and political savvy to outwit their opponents.

Over the course of 200 years, spread across five different families, your job is basically to be an utter swine of a family, keeping control of your city through any means necessary. That means bribes, blackmail, hobnobbing, press manipulation and all the other tools needed to maintain power while raking in the dosh.

From the looks of things with the reveal trailer Urban Empire looks as if it could have a heck of a lot of depth, including 800 dynamic events which can potentially alter the course of history, such as women’s rights, employment laws, and more.

Ruling cities not building them seems like an interesting conceit which isn't often explored. We'll have to see how this one shakes out but on first impressions it's got some promise. 

Urban Empires is getting the keys to the city in Q3 2016, when it'll be coming exclusively to PC.