To look at it you’d think XCOM 2 wouldn’t be the most demanding game around. I mean, it’s a top-down turn-based tactical shooter, it’s not exactly DOOM. Anyway, it turns out plenty of people did have problems running it smoothly across a range of systems, but at long last, over a month after its launch, 2K and Firaxis have pushed out XCOM 2’s first major patch.

It comes with a bunch of new fixes, tweaks and performance optimisations which should, in theory, improve frame rates across the board. Crucially XCOM 2 now has support for both Nvidia SLI and AMD Crossfire multi-GPU setups, optimised shadows, reworking lighting, MSAA options are removed from the presets, and Shadow Resolution has been reduced to ensure better performance.

From a gameplay perspective a new Zip Mod could come in handy. This speeds up all animations, ranging from moderately to significantly so, reducing turn times. This should deliver a faster-paced experience in XCOM 2 which isn’t held up by constant cutscenes.

Incidentally because many of the graphics settings have been reworked Firaxis recommends you now head to XCOM 2’s graphics settings and re-select “Auto Detect Graphics Settings” so it can set them appropriately again. Obviously only do this is you’re not intending to manually select your graphics options.

I did contemplate squeezing the full patch notes but then I realised it would take up three full pages, so there’s a heck of a lot of changes here. You can see the full rundown here, and it should be available to download right now on Steam.