We’ve all got a favourite map. Sometimes you just click with the layout and the way the guns are balanced for a map and it sticks with you. Some maps are a perfect distillation of what a game is designed to play like and others are universally good and see play outside of the game they were first made for.

We’ve compiled a list of what we think are some of the best FPS maps for multiplayer to help jog your guys’ memories in the remembering the greatest maps to shoot, stab and frag your way around.

Battlefield 3 - Seine Crossing

Not the most famous Battlefield map but one that got the Battlefield 3 formula just right. It didn’t matter if you wanted to drive a tank, lock down an area from a window or snipe across the river, Seine Crossing provided so much variance in the way you fought that it felt like 5 maps rolled into one in the best way possible.

Call of Duty 4 - Crash

FPS maps have a tendency to be balanced towards a certain playstyle such as sniping or close quarters. Crash was incredible because it allowed for all types of gunplay, whether it was shotguns in the buildings or a sniper on the roofs, you never knew what kind of fight you’d be in for.

Unreal Tournament 2004 - Facing Worlds

Bullets, jetpacks, space, this map had it all. Featuring some pretty crazy low gravity combat, the two towers map defined Capture the Flag for a generation. With the epic backdrop of Earth beneath your feet, Facing Worlds is a truly timeless and epic experience.

Goldeneye - Complex

While Complex may be the most visually boring of the maps on our list, it was definitely one of the craziest. Hidden doorways leading to secret sniper spots and vents that allowed for sneaky routes into other rooms became to many the quintessential Goldeneye map.

Counterstrike: Source - Office

Now before you scream “Dust” at me like a crazed zealot, I’d argue that Office was a more varied and nuanced map. Finding life outside of Counterstrike as a staple of Garry’s Mod proved this map was built for frenetic FPS battles.

Halo: Combat Evolved - Blood Gulch

Bungie have tried many times since, but they’ve have they match the achievement of the truly iconic Blood Gulch. Two bases stand end-to-end across a vaguely symmetrical map, separated by a winding road in the middle, a high path to one side and cave network to the other. Surely one of the greatest CTF maps of all time.

Timesplitters 2 - Hospital

Last but not least, we have the Hospital map from the ever loved Timesplitters 2. Originally to be called Asylum, the map features all sorts of religious iconography creating an awesome horror themed environment to murder your friends in. It was one of those levels that had so much personality that the game felt entirely different while played on it.

These are just a snapshot of the great maps gamers have had a chance to slay their way across. What do you guys think of the maps on our list? Let us know if you agree or disagree and which maps you guys will always hold a place in your heart for, and what makes those maps so great in the comments below.

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