It’s happened to all of us. You buy a game at launch, parting with your hard earned, crinkled up bills in hopes of staving off that existential crisis just a few more hours. As time slips casually through your fingers, the game you once inhaled like a glutton cramming toffee in his gaping maw becomes routine and familiar.

This is where DLC usually comes in. For (usually) much less than the cost of the base game, developers usually provide the option to lengthen the gameplay experience with new and shiny toys for your avatar to wield, or perhaps new areas to scale and explore. Then a year later the inevitable Game of the Year (abbreviated to GOTY) or Complete comes out and usually offers all this for a similar price to what you paid just for the base game.

Currently, buying the base Skyrim game along with the 3 main DLCS of Hearthfire, Dragonborn and Dawnguard would set you back £41.46 on Steam’s store. If you were to purchase the Legendary Edition of Skyrim (aka the GOTY edition), you’d only be short £19.99. That’s essentially half the price assuming you didn’t buy Skyrim at launch in which case you’re even more out of pocket.

Many people hold off on buying any RPG style game they know will have expansive DLC to follow, such as Borderlands. For Borderlands 2, the DLCs offered new areas to explore, a heightened level cap and new character classes which for many players would expand the lifetime of the game very significantly. The later released GOTY edition had all these editions for a similar low cost value.

So we put it to you to let us know which way of purchasing and playing games is more appealing to you. Do you like to get the game as soon as it is available to be in the first wave of players experiencing and discussing the game while it’s still fresh? Or would you rather just wait for however long it takes for the Game of the Year edition to come out so you can have the complete experience out of the box?

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