The Banner Saga 2 Will Be Making Life Miserable Again In April

Written by Stuart Thomas on Thu, Mar 24, 2016 12:45 PM
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Fans of thankless trudges through a harsh wilderness rejoice, for The Banner Saga 2 has had its release date confirmed. Originally a 2015 launch before being shunted back to Q1 2016, the sequel to Stoic’s remarkable Viking-themed tactical strategy game will now be with us on April 19th. That’s just the PC version though, with console ports arriving later this summer.

The second part of a planned trilogy, The Banner Saga 2 continues weeks from the events of The Banner Saga, so you’ll have to make sure you’ve whipped your way through the original first. From the looks of things it’s more of the same, which is no bad shakes. Austin Wintory is back on soundtrack duties for a new journey which promises to introduce new characters and a new race known as the Horseborn.

I have to say on first impressions the artwork is looking fantastic. The hand-drawn environments are looking even a step above the original, and there looks to be a lot more variety on offer here. 

Other than that it’s difficult to tell just what enhancements are going to be included in the sequel, other than more varied and strategic battle boards and ‘enhanced combat’. Still, as the say goes, if it ain’t broke… Permadeath also makes a return, so expect to mourn many a lost soul during The Banner Saga 2’s inevitably harrowing journey.

There’s a minor 10% discount for those who grab their pre-orders early as well, and the full price is coming in at a little cheaper than the original. It's the second a planned trilogy from Stoic, with The Banner Saga 3 presumably heading our way sometime in 2017. 

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14:27 Mar-24-2016

I really hope this turn the story will be more personal, more engaging! I didn't care enough about my people, just a bunch of numbers on a flat screen. Maybe I'm asking too much...

12:48 Mar-24-2016

YES! I thought it had been canned.
dead good!


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