Overwatch Beta Content Update Adds In New Route 66 Map And Weekly Brawl Modes

Written by Neil Soutter on Thu, Mar 24, 2016 2:00 PM
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To me the Overwatch beta is like when I used to get detention at school during break time. I’d just watch out the window as everyone else was having fun, while I just wasted my time writing lines or some other nonsense. If you hadn’t guessed I’m a little bit salty that I haven’t been invited to the Overwatch beta.

But I’m still keeping an eye on the comings and goings because, well, needs must. The latest large content patch has just been ushered forth for the class-based shooter, adding in the new Route 66 map for the Escort game mode along with a new Weekly Brawl format.

The latter will be familiar to Hearthstone players and works in a similar format to Tavern Brawls. Each week a new mode rotates in based on custom game rulesets. This can include everything from assigning players a random hero at spawn to using specific classes or abilities. “Each week, we’ll rotate in a different Weekly Brawl featuring a set of unique (and sometimes crazy) rules from our Custom Game system,” writes Blizzard.

The new Route 66 map looks pretty damn nifty as well, set in an abandoned US town with run-down gas stations, diners, shops, and the massive Deadlock Gorge.

Finally there’s also a new Highlights features which automatically records some of your greatest exploits and stores them for your viewing pleasure. You can literally feel your head expand as you watch back your feats of gaming prowess.

You can see the see the full changelist over on Battle.net. It runs to a hefty list so make sure you get a brew on the go before you get reading.

So, how is it for any of you lucky so and so's that made it into the beta? Can Blizzard trump the appeal of TF2? Let us know!

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19:01 Mar-24-2016

Weekly Brawl sounds really fun!


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