Grand Theft Auto then. I hear people like it. Well there’s good news and then there’s bad news when it comes to one of, if not the most popular game franchises of all time. Let’s get the bad news out of the way first - Rockstar began development on a GTA Tokyo, but the complicated layout of Tokyo’s streets forced them to abandon the project. It was originally intended to come out around the time of Vice City, presumably replaced by San Andreas. It would have been the most remarkable departure yet made for the series, but sadly it wasn’t to be.

Onto the goods though, and while not surprising it’s very nice to hear it; Grand Theft Auto VI is in full production at Rockstar, so we can expect a sequel to come our way soon(ish).

That’s all according to sources close to Techradar, but it all sounds legit. Despite a recent PC port, GTA V launched on consoles all the way back in Autumn 2013, so Rockstar has been toiling away on other projects for close to three years since. The time between mainline outings in the GTA series is usually quite hefty, save for the quick-fire of GTA 3 / Vice City / San Andreas, so I’d estimate it’s going to be 2018 at the earliest.

That said, Grand Theft Auto 5 publisher Take-Two interactive recently said it was going to be at E3 ‘in a big way’. Could this possibly allude to GTA VI, or is it the far more likely prospect of the almost inevitable Red Dead Redemption 2. We certainly know which made more money for Rockstar and will prove the biggest incentive to the higher-ups.

From the sounds of things then GTA VI is likely to be set back in the US if Rockstar is afraid of complicating matters. With California / LA, Miami, and New York City well and truly parodied, where else would like to see Rockstar turn into a violent digital playground? Let us know!

I have to say, my money’s on Las Vegas, but I’d still love to see another at the West Coast with the new, larger environments Rockstar has mastered.