It’s somewhat with an air of inevitability that the UK branch of retailer Gamestop has been spotted offering up pre-orders for Watch Dogs 2. Ubisoft has yet to even officially unveil the sequel, but Gamespot is happy to take your hard-earned cash to secure a copy of Watch Dogs 2 on either PlayStation 4 or Xbox One. There’s no mention of a PC version but that seems dead certain at this point in time.

While Ubisoft has been fairly open about a Watch Dogs sequel wending its way to us, this is the first in the way of confirmation it could be with us so soon. It’s hardly a surprise though; despite a tepid critical reception Watch Dogs went on to sell more than 10 million copies, breaking numerous records for Ubisoft in the process. That’s not all either, because we’re also hearing that Watch Dogs 2 will come with DirectX 12 support from day one and will be optimised for AMD Radeon graphics cards.

News of this comes from a private AMD event at GDC in San Francisco a couple of weeks ago. A Ubisoft representative took to the stage to not only confirm Watch Dogs 2, but also inferring the sequel would be built for and run best on Team Red GPUs.

It makes a change from Nvidia’s usual dominance in cosying up to devs and offering exclusive GameWorks features. In fact, the original Watch Dogs was a partnership with Nvidia, so this marks an about turn for Ubisoft Montreal. Could this perhaps be a sign that AMD is holding a significant advantage in terms of DX12 support?

From the sounds of things the first time we’ll hear anything concrete on Watch Dogs 2 will be its eventual unveiling at Ubisoft’s E3 2016 press conference on June 13th, in just over 10 weeks’ time.

Watch Dogs 2 then, are you glad to see this franchise given a second chance? Could Ubisoft finally deliver on the promise of that E3 unveiling? Let us know what you think!