Look, I know this shockingly niche, but I’m sure there’s a few of you out there who will be as glad to find out about this as I am. The long-running, and some would say long-in-the-tooth, Romance of the Three Kingdoms series is back after an eight-year absence.

Romance of the Three Kingdoms XIII is coming to both PC and PlayStation 4 in July and will be timed to coincide with the series’, hang on, drum roll please… 30th anniversary. That’s pretty ancient in gaming terms, dating back to Romance of the Three Kingdoms back on the Amiga in about 2000 BC.

As ever it tasks players with being a ruling emperor, taking over a collapsing dynasty and attempting the right ship all while competing powers attempt to overthrow you. The meta game plays out on a huge chessboard-like map, following genuine historical events which eventually leads to the unification of China. It’s one for those who love their strategy games deep, in that Paradox vein we so know and love.

As for the actual release date, Romance of the Three Kingdoms XIII invades the US on July 5th before sauntering over to Europe in time for July 8th.