The DOOM closed beta has been running for a few days and we’ve had a quick rampage through the blood soaked halls of id Software’s latest entry in the franchise. For what limited content there is, the game is pretty fun but doesn’t feel very “Doom” yet.

Many graphics options were unavailable in the test build but have now been revealed and gamers can breathe a sigh of relief that the game isn’t capped to 60 frames per second. The options in the menus allow for limits of 60, 90, 120 and 144, covering most standard monitor refresh rates.

Alongside the frame rate limits, the options for graphics cover a variety of facets such as texture quality, shadow quality and graphics API quality. The game already ran incredibly smoothly, even on more budget cards, so it’ll be interesting to see what graphics setting the closed beta is at and what kind of graphical performance DOOM offers in its final release.

As always, we’ll be bringing you a full graphics comparison and benchmark to really put these graphics options through their paces but for now all we can do is look at the options and wonder what will be.

DOOM releases May 13th across the globe on PS4, Xbox One and PC and it will mark 12 years since the release of Doom 3.