The ability to play PlayStation 4 games on PC arrives today, in some fashion at least. PlayStation 4’s Remote Play feature has been a pretty popular choice for those with the right Smart TVs, phones, or, shock horror, perhaps even a Vita, allowing PS4 gamers to play Sony’s console away from the base device. Now PS4 remote play is coming to PC today, allowing you to sit on your PC and play your PlayStation 4 games.

It’s all part of the system software 3.50 update for the PS4, which also has a number of other additions including appear offline, notifications for friends appearing online, events scheduling and advanced party options.

Remote Play is undoubtedly the headline feature, with support for both PC and Mac with Windows 8.1 or OS X 10.10 operating systems and up respectively. By default it renders it at a pretty paltry 540p resolution, with further options for 360p and 720p, along with a 30 FPS and 60 FPS toggle. These games are going to take quite the visual hit basically, but it’s a start.

From the looks of things you’ll have to plug a DualShock 4 into your PC to actually play these games, so its use case does seem fairly niche. I’m not entirely sure when I’d get any use out of it, other than playing my PS4 at home from the office.

Whatever the case it’s out there, and it should be available to download now. If you’re a PS4 player then you’ll have to download it to access the online features, while the PC software can be grabbed from here

What do you reckon then, is PS4 Remote Play on PC going to be a useful tool for you? Or can you see this being a bit pointless? Let us know!