Grand Theft Auto 5 has been out for long enough on the PC that modders have had plenty of time to get super creative with their content. A new mod for GTA V has just powered up that lets you play as the Flash, with a  bunch of cool particle effects and some wall running to boot.

The mod provides the player with super speed as expected but also a few trademark powers that have been showcased on the CW Network’s adaptation of the Flash comics. Create tornadoes that suck in vehicles, debris and NPCs; fire lightning bolts from your hands and Speedforce stab people in the heart. It’s all in there.

There's been a couple of mods that turn you into the Flash, but this one is easily the best looking one yet. The running particle effects are a really nice touch in particular and all the abilities you have access to makes it more than just a mod that lets you run super fast, giving us a taste of what a full blown Flash game could be like. What do you reckon, Rocksteady?

As with most mods, the Grand Theft Auto Flash Mod requires a bit of installation and tinkering to get it working but if you follow the installation instructions provided by the modder, JulioNIB, then installing the suits and other mods using the same framework is simple enough. The mod does come with some suits as standard and it’s as simple as dragging and dropping the files once you’ve downloaded them.

Essentially, you’ll need to download the following:
ASI Loader + ScripthookV by Alexander blade
ScripthookVDotNet by Crosire
Windows packages for ScripthookVDotNet:

Once you’ve placed all those in your folders, make sure you’re running GTA V as administrator, then in game when you press Ctrl+N you should see the mods menu which will have all the different mod options available. This process works for all other mods from JulioNIB such as his Hulk and Iron Man ones, so once it’s all installed there’s plenty fun to be had.

What do you guys think of this mod? Let us know your reactions to playing it and any other cool mods you’ve been playing on GTA 5, and whether or not you think a full Flash game would be as awesome as this mod looks.