VR games have been flooding onto SteamVR by the barrel-load this last week, but there’s one in particular that caught my eye - Hover Junkers. Not necessarily because of the game itself, which is ship to ship FPS combat online, and looks a teeny bit awesome, but because of the eye-opening system requirements.

Those familiar with the VR headsets on the market will be all too aware each has provided a set of system requirements which it believes is the baseline for a decent gaming performance. Both sets of system requirements are pretty much identical, and they certainly don’t come cheap, asking for a GTX 970 and an Intel i5-4590. According to the Hover Junker devs though, you’re cheaping out on your VR PC if you try and play its game on such a rig.

Yep, while heaps of PC builders and various stores have been busy slapping 'VR Ready' onto their gaming rigs, it looks as if you might well get a vastly inferior product if you’re only meeting the recommended specs for the Oculus Rift.

So there you go you, if you don't have $2000 to lay down on a PC you are cheaping out. While the headsets might be an exorbitant cost in and of themselves, it's the hardware required to power VR which is going to be the money drain. Driving 60 FPS at higher settings is hard enough as it is, let alone targeting 90 FPS at 2160 x 1200, making the complete VR package pie in the sky stuff for most, at least for now. 

What do you reckon then, do you think trying to run VR with the GTX 970 or an R9 290 is cheaping out? Can VR ever take off with extreme requirements like this, bearing in mind these are only going to increase as visual fidelity does? Let us know!