There are an innumerate amount of graphics cards on the market. Part of the difficulty with PC gaming comes down to the simple fact that it can become fairly complex when trying to determine how much money to drop on hardware. With the speed of the hardware market, how can you determine where the tier of low end starts and ends?

NVIDIA’s current line up of graphics cards starts at the GTX 750 Ti and ends at the GTX 980 Ti. So according to NVIDIA, a low end graphics card costs about £100, which is by no means a small amount of money to spend. When you consider that a 980 Ti costs up to £600, it puts the scale into perspective. If price truly determined a low end card, then you’d be defining low end by the cheapest cards on the market.

The issue with this can often come down to the fact that sometimes a GPU will be released with comparable performance to another card but for a more affordable price point. So even though you have two cards priced the same, one will be offering a differing level of performance which would suggest that low end should be suggested more by age. An older card, logically, would be a lower end than a newer card due to advancements in graphics processing technology.

What about performance? I’m talking raw numbers. Newer cards aren’t always necessarily designed to be the most powerful on the market, as sometimes people want to spend less money on their GPU but still be able to play modern games and so you’ll see budget cards being released after a more powerful card, but it seems difficult to suggest that the more powerful card is lower end than the newer one simply because of their age.

We see this nearly every day with system requirements, where people turn it with vastly differing opinions on what constitutes a low-end or a high-end graphics card. For subject matter so heavily based around number crunching and specs, there's definitely a degree of ambiguity to what goes on. 

So I pass it over to you guys. What truly defines a low end card? Can it be defined or is it entirely subjective?

Below is my take on it. Let everyone know with a similar format how you would rank Nvidia and AMD’s graphics cards.

My Nvidia Rankings

Low - 750 Ti, 950

Mid - 960, 970

High - 980, 980 Ti

Remember as well to vote on the poll to decide which factor truly defines where on the scale a GPU falls.

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