AMD unveiled a new version of its FirePro graphics card during the VR World Congress (VRWC), ahead of a full reveal at NAB week. Radeon VP Roy Taylor announced it will boast a massive 32GB VRAM. That’s double the amount the current 16GB FirePro graphics card offers, which is already a massive leap above current gaming cards.

The FirePro W9100 32GB will set you back £3000 (or $3000) whereas the 16GB model will cost £2500 (or $2500). The new version of the FirePro W9100 has been designed with developing VR applications specifically in mind, as Virtual Reality requires a lot more processing power than normal 3D programs and so developers will need every ounce of performance they can get.

No further details are available regarding the FirePro W9100 32GB are available until its full reveal next week. Robert Jamieson, head of workstation graphics at AMD, explained to GD that it’s only a matter of time until the gaming cards ship with a similarly capacious 32GB of VRAM, but currently the consumer demand just isn’t there yet. Not only is the technology far too expensive right now, but also runs extremely hot, negating its gaming usage.

We also heard from Jamieson that the 8GB Radeon Pro Duo, which was officially announced last week, will retail for $1500, with UK pricing expected in the region of £1000. That will put it in a similar pricing tier as NVIDIA’s TITAN X graphics card which boasts 12GB VRAM, but AMD’s card comfortably outperforms Nvidia’s effort. It’s still a fair way off from the massive 32GB of the FirePro but once VR takes off and we see it more widely adopted, we can also expect to see rising consumer demand force GPUs jump in power.