Solo Dev Has Already Got Oculus Rift Exclusive Games Running On HTC Vive

Written by Jon Sutton on Thu, Apr 14, 2016 12:45 PM
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When it comes to VR, the issue of exclusive games is a treacherous tightrope. With Oculus snapping up exclusive games for the Rift left, right, and centre, and the Samsung Gear, Oculus Rift and HTC Vive all running on totally separate storefronts, getting access to the best of the very limited selection of VR games basically forces you to splash out on three headsets, and that’s not even taking into account the eventual arrival of PlayStation VR. The landscape has changed in an instant though with a new hack allowing Oculus exclusives to be playable on the HTC Vive.

Reddit user CrossVR dreamed the idea up, posting a link to Revive on Github, along with a number of files necessary to repeat the trick. He describes it as “a proof-of-concept compatibility layer between the Oculus SDK and OpenVR”, and at the moment it supports two applications - Lucky’s Tale and Oculus Dreamdeck.

CrossVR is still in the early stages of development, so there are a few reports of dropped frames and lag, but others are claiming it’s absolutely perfect, likely depending on your hardware setup. It’s impressive stuff though given both headsets have only been out a matter of weeks.

While the list of Oculus exclusives already available doesn’t make for the most enticing proposition, the likes of Insomniac’s Edge of Nowhere, Damaged Core and Rock Band VR arriving imminently make for some solid reasons to hop on-board with the Rift.

Considering the reason many of us game on PC is to not be locked down to closed ecosystems and be away from the rat race of Metacritic-baiting exclusives, it’s been a little disconcerting to see these expensive pieces of hardware splinter off. The more that can be done to open up the entire VR market to every headset the better, and it'll save as forking out thousands of dollars on our hardware to have access to it all.

How do you feel about Oculus attempting to lock down the software? Would you be willing to buy more than one headset to play it all, or are you banking on enterprising devs like CrossVR making games available to all?

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16:34 Apr-14-2016

Interesting article - thx

14:48 Apr-14-2016

but don't the dropped framerates make the game unplayable since you need a minimum 90fps to not get motion sick? also kudos to this dev. no more exclusivity bull.

14:12 Apr-14-2016

That's what happens when you try to bring console like exclusivity to the master race.

23:40 Apr-14-2016

Yea! fk facebook and their oculus exclusives.

13:00 Apr-14-2016

Isn't Rift using/Going to have its own market place similar(in some ways) to steam? Was wanting a rift until hearing about this and that they are selling info from your VR to 3rd party's.

admin badge
12:49 Apr-14-2016

VR headset exclusives!? If they fragment the already small selection of VR games available its going to backfire badly.


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