Cliff ‘CliffyB’ Bleszinski, he of Unreal and Gears of War fame, and a man more 90’s America than The Offspring, recently spoke out about the cost of videogames. Despite working on a huge title in PC-exclusive shooter LawBreakers, CliffyB reckons modern full-priced $60 games are far too expensive. In fact, he reckons the standard price should be in the “$20-40’ range”.

The ex-Epic designer sits at an odd juncture with his own LawBreakers. Originally announced as a free-to-play (F2P) title, Bleszinski recently abandoned these plans in favour of a fixed price. This will include all the base content and any future maps and characters. The only extra payments will be for cosmetic items. You can bet your bottom dollar though that despite these figures thrown about, LawBreakers is sure to come in at the top-end and be $40. 

Now obviously every customer would prefer it if games were cheaper. Pay $20 a pop and we could all be playing three times as many games. The people benefitting out of the current prices are development studios and, primarily, publishers. Fork out $60 per game and it soon adds up for consumers.

Instead of asking whether you would prefer cheaper games though, I’m going to raise the point of whether you think games are worth the standard $60 price tag. I’m talking your big budget, AAA release; is there enough there to justify paying $60 for each game, in comparison to a $27 Minecraft or F2P DOTA 2? Should high profile games be cheaper if they’re shorter? If so, should a massive game like The Witcher 3 perhaps cost more than $60?

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