At the tail end of one of the most painful live eSports events in history, Ubisoft took the wraps off the next Rainbow Six Siege expansion. A little gingerly as well, I might add, rather than the blow-out we were expecting. Operation Dust Line will be heading into battle in May, featuring two new US Navy Seals operators and a brand spanking new map to obliterate, piece by piece.

The two new operators are Blackbeard and Valkyrie. Blackbeard has, well, a black beard, but sadly no peg leg. His special ability is a shield which wraps around his gun sight, allowing him to avoid headsets while aiming down sights. That’s going to be useful for poking around cover, and downright deadly when operating behind a crouched Blitz, although prime nitro cell territory.

Then there’s Valkyrie. Her ability is a bit more hands off, and allows the placement of multiple sticky cameras. This should provide the opportunity to get a major advantage over your foes, although it’s a skill which is inevitably going to rely on great communication between teammates.

There's no details on what weapons each new operator will carry yet, or indeed where or what the new map is. From the name alone we can hazard a guess it’s going to be some sort of desert building, presumably situated on a country’s border.

More details will be forthcoming at the PC Rainbow 6 Siege Pro League Finals in Cologne on May 7th, ahead of a free launch on May 9th. Let’s hope Ubisoft can avoid the repeated embarrassing drop-outs and disconnects of the Xbox One finals.