It looks as if Battlefield 5 is going to get its world premiere next week. Supposed invites for the live bash have been sent out to some attendees, promising the exclusive unveiling of the next Battlefield title.

The World Premiere takes place on May 6th, with the actual game’s unveiling taking place at 19:00 BST (20:00 CET), before a livestream event takes place immediately afterwards.

“The future of Battlefield is coming, and you’re invited to the World Premiere” reads the invite. “On May 6th, join us as we unveil the next milestone in the Battlefield franchise.”

Obviously this leak should be taken with a grain of salt. There’s no time specified in the invite which sets off a few alarm bells, but it is in roughly the same time period as Star Wars Battlefront was officially revealed last year.

EA likes to get its big reveals out of the way ahead of E3 before taking deeper dives in its live conferences. That, combined with an expect Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare reveal soon, points towards an imminent Battlefield 5 unveiling.

It’s still yet to be confirmed whether this is going to be a numbered sequel or not, but it is being developed in-house at DICE. Numerous rumours have pointed to the this game straying from the modern warfare of the last three outings, with both World War One and a return to WWII mooted.

UPDATE: This has now been confirmed