An image has leaked of what could well be Watch Dogs 2’s protagonist. The best bit? It’s not Aiden Pearce, much to my relief. That ‘iconic’ baseball cap and trenchcoat toting goon summed up the original’s mediocrity to a tee. No, this time we get different fella’ for Watch Dogs 2. Don’t worry though, he’s still got an iconic cap so we can pick him out from a crowd.

The leak comes courtesy of an image from a motion capture actor on Instagram who goes by the handle TheKingCort. It shows on a laptop screen what he claims to be the lead character in Watch Dogs 2, accompanied by the message “Had a blast doing motion capture work as the lead character in a new video game series! (= #actor #motioncapture #artist #videogames #ps4 #xbox #art #work #comingsoon #WatchDogs2”.

Assuming he did work on Watch Dogs 2, that’s as close as we’re probably going to get to a confirmation ahead of E3 next month. Watch Dogs 2 is rumoured to be set in the hilly streets of San Francisco, and from the looks of the image, will revolve around the central conceit of using the protagonists cellphone to hack devices.

Ubisoft has yet to officially reveal Watch Dogs 2 of course, but it has confirmed the sequel is in development and ready for launch by the end of the fiscal year 2017, which ends in March next year.