The first gameplay footage has emerged of Rainbow Six Siege’s Operation Dust Line expansion. The trailer shows off two new Navy SEAL operators in the shape of Valkyrie and Blackbeard, as well as our first peek at the new map. From the looks of things it’s some sort of palace, embassy or possibly small airport in the Middle East, with a hint of de_dust to it.

Valkyrie comes loaded with additional sticky cameras which can be fired around the map, providing unique vantage points from which to spy on the opposing team. Fairly standard on her own but she could be lethal on a well-drilled team.

Blackbeard meanwhile has a bulletproof perspex around his gun sight, protecting the top third of his body and preventing headshots. That’s bound to make him a very popular choice, but at least it should free up some of the other operators.

The map looks pretty neat although it’s difficult to tell just what it is or how it’s laid out. Right at the beginning you can see the external wall has been blown out. It would be cool if players could actually do that in order to gain access to a courtyard.

Operation Dust Line is coming to Rainbow Six Siege on May 11th. Both the map and its operators are free, but those with a season pass can access the operators a week early and skip the 25K Renown charge.